Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Northern Virginia/West Virginia  Regional Wool Pool


Local producers interested in marketing their wool through local wool pools will have the opportunity to do so through Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Association based in Canal Winchester, Ohio.  Producers are encouraged to package, handle and store their wool in an appropriate manner in order to maximize the value of their wool clip.  Wool should be packaged by type and grade (ewe vs. lamb wool, long staple vs. short wools, fine vs. medium wools) in plastic bags, and be clean, dry, and have foreign material (straw, mud, manure) removed prior to packaging.  Following is the local pool delivery date, and location where wool will be picked up:


July 3                      Clarke County Fairgrounds, Berryville  from 8am-11:30 am


For more information regarding specifics contact Corey Childs

at 540-635-4549 or


Wool to be sorted and graded in Ohio, and priced according to grade.

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